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Cascading style Sheets


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are currently in two versions, CSS1 and CSS2. These are style sheet languages that allow authors and users to attach style to web documents. Style attributes are defined as fonts, font sizes, colors, spacing, indents, aural cues etc…. The point of CSS1 or CSS2 was to simplify web authoring and site maintenance. TheW3C group authored the standard, but has been mostly ignored until more recently by Internet Explorer and Netscape for use with their browsers. Instead, they have taken a backseat to proprietary browser features. Opera, a small but powerful new entry into the browser arena, has recently announced the adoption of the CSS1 and 2 standard in their new 4.0 version. This placed them way ahead of their competition. This lecture will describe the history and implementation of Cascading Style Sheets. There will be a short tutorial to explain the different ways to implement style sheets in conjunction with the creation of great looking, consistent web pages. We will go through an exercise of creating a web page with a style sheet, then validating that page on the three browsers mentioned.

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