I am a student in the Computer Applications Department at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. I plan to complete my Associates degree in 2002.  I have taken the following courses at Montgomery College:

  • CA275
    Establishing a Business Website
  • AA210f
    Present Graphics/Macintosh
  • AA110
    Graphic Design with Computers 1
  • CA274
    Administering a Website
  • CA273
    Advanced Web Technologies
  • CA272
    Homepage Construction
  • CA141
    Intro to Database Applications

I am currently taking CA276(Dynamic HTML with JavaScript)and CA277(XML and It's Applications).

E-mail me at:  jweinstein@1st.net

I have an extensive Web portfolio, please visit my website at http://www.jbwwebsites.com.  

You can use this quick link to go to the web4students page for this course.  Also click here to get to the link for Professor Coliton's Class page.